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Imagine you are able to contribute your time, effort, and donations straight to the community, and need not be worried if your contributions are reaching the needy.

Practicelove was born with this idea, to be a real NGO, self-sustained, self-funded, and does not accept any donations. The only way for you to contribute is by giving your time, effort, and donations through our events straight to the community. Our only efforts would be to curate events that you could contribute to.


To show how it is done, employees and friends of Unlistedkart do this on a monthly basis and make a small difference in thanking their community. 


Curate Events.
To help Thank Your Community.

'Be the change you want to see in the world' - Gandhi

Unlistedkart has strived to give back to the society that we gain from. We are strongly committed to uplift our people and the needy in our surroundings.

The founders believe, when we hold the door for someone, the universe creates a ripple effect where the ones who benefited from us hold the door for someone else. Since its inception, we have strongly encouraged this social culture and behavior and as a result, we have been able to play a vital role in addressing many social issues around us.

Today our area of contribution has been around Healthcare, Financial Assistance, Education, Animal Welfare, Drug Deaddiction and Rehabilitation, Environment & Sustainability, and the list grows on.

Unlistedkart with its employees, friends, and family together aims to contribute time and effort, while sponsoring events around the various themes identified that needs our attention. As part of this every month, Unlistedkart organizes and sponsors events that employees can contribute based on their strengths, it could be teaching children in a grassroots school or planting trees at a farm, or learning organic farming, we aim to cover it all and make it holistic. Unlistedkart also aims to use the strengths and wishes of its employees, friends, and colleagues to derive these programs, while creating a sense of togetherness and kindness in each one of them. We hope that our wish of thanking the community spreads further to everyone who interacts with us.

#Practicelove is now our focussed effort to make such contributions for everyone possible. 

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