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We know Financial Aid could be a major obstacle in achieving many visions and missions. As a result we have channeled few funds to help in addressing this effort

Monthly Financial Support for an NGO in Mysore:

Since 2018, we have been anonymously sponsoring Rs.30,000 every month to an NGO in Mysore, as financial aid to manage their daily operations. The money is primarily used to pay wages for the daily workers, buy essential supplies, and for maintenance expenses.

Yearly Financial Support for Aashayein Foundation, Mysore:

Since 2017, we have been sponsoring Rs.25,000 yearly for operational expenses of Aashayein Foundation in Mysore.

Financial Support for Employees on Life-Changing Events:

We are committed to supporting our employees on any Life-changing events that would need a lump sum payment to address the instance and be in mental peace. So we have had more than 50 instances since 2018, where we have sponsored funds in the range of Rs.2000 to Rs. 50000 to our employees. These instances broadly are tuition fees, home rents, advances, fuel and travel expenses, Commute expenses, healthcare services that help in the diagnosis of sickness. This support was also extended to Employees' families when there were medical emergencies, much to the peace of our employees. We are also immensely proud to share that during the coronavirus pandemic while most of the companies reduced their salaries, Unlistedkart specifically increased the salaries of employees due to their performances, and also provided additional bonuses for the goals achieved.

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