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As per The Global Nutrition Report 2016 from World Bank (FSSAI) India ranks 97 among 118 nations on the Hunger Index. 184 Million Indians, including many children, are undernourished. Almost 48% of children under 5 years are stunted. 60% are Anaemic, and 70% consume less than 50% of the daily recommended micronutrients.


Micronutrient deficiency also known as hidden hunger, refers to inadequate intakes of crucial vitamins and minerals - such as Zinc, Vitamin A, and folate needed for the healthy mental and physical growth of children. The effects of it are long term, and they are stunting in children, weakened immune system, impaired cognitive function, and anemia & low energy levels.

Unlistedkart has contributed extensively even before the pandemic hit and continues to drive such efforts.

Nutrition Support to Orphanage:

We are committed to engaging in the struggle to reduce the malnutrition gap and playing a role in our limit by sponsoring nutritious fruit juices every day of a whole year to 100 children of an Orphanage in a specific area in East Bengaluru. We are currently engaged in this activity as an anonymous sponsor to limit the attention that it may generate from the concerned stakeholders.

Grocery Kits Distribution to Needy:

During the Coronavirus pandemic employees personally distributed about 150 Grocery Kits to the neediest in and around Mysore. These grocery kits consisted of the basic spices, vegetables, pulses, sufficient to make a decent meal for a family of 4 for a week.

Meals Distribution to Needy:

During the Coronavirus pandemic, considering the struggle of many minimum wage workers, we sponsored about 3000 meals through a Distribution channel working grassroots to sponsor meals to the needy.

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